Uniregistry Market

EPP extension for registrars

Welcome to the future of premium domain names.

When we first launched our TLDs, we withheld from registration a limited number of the best domain names. From a registrant’s perspective, these names generally appear as unavailable. With the Uniregistry Market EPP extension, our registrar partners now have the ability to offer and deliver premium inventory from Uniregistry’s TLDs and directly to their customers.

Uniregistry chose this pathway to offer premium domain names in order to give registrars direct access to one of the most successful methods of offering premium domain names to customers: the sales brokerage team at

Offering access to over 600,000 of the best names in Uniregistry’s TLDs, the Market EPP extension provides two sales paths: (1) buy-it-now listings, available for immediate transfer and delivery to customers, and (2) make-an-offer listings, individually handled by the team at Under this unique platform, all sales will be completed using the participating registrar’s current purchase path.

We also have partnered with to enable the sale of over 250,000 premium .COM domain names.

With direct access to our premium names through the Market EPP extension, our registrar partners receive a 10% commission on every sale and provide a better customer experience to registrants. With over 15 years of experience, the team at averages a sales price that is 7x higher on negotiated deals than on immediate sales.

There’s more to come. As we add domain portfolios to the Market—from within the customer base and from other TLD registries—our premium inventory will continue to grow. Join us today to access the best names on the market. For more information or to sign up, write to us at