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The best names are worth waiting for.

Domain names in new gTLDs like ours will reach customers in phases. The first phase is already underway. It includes the launches that started in early 2014, with a handful of new gTLDs rolling out each week. Domain name industry veterans — the innovators and early adopters — know the exact date and time that each new gTLD will launch, and they are queuing up early to buy their favorite domains. We are excited to see their purchases and early uses of our domains, and we are honored to have their business. The vast majority of prospective registrants, however, still do not understand that a major shake-up in Internet naming is underway. These future registrants are completely unaware of what is taking place.

Global awareness of this monumental change will take many months, but we expect that in a year, when over 1,000 new gTLDs have gone live, a substantial majority of users considering the registration of a new domain name will understand that the choices are vast, no longer limited to a handful of three-letter abbreviations. This will be a new phase of Internet naming.

At Uni Naming & Registry (UNR), we are taking a long-term view.

We withheld from registration a limited number of quality registrations in each of our top-level domains for the registrants that will find us in the future, when awareness of new gTLDs has penetrated the registrant market more deeply. Some of these names we hope to place in the hands of pioneers who will use our domain names in novel and prominent ways. Most of these domains will be placed with people and companies that were not aware that new naming opportunities existed when we opened our servers for registration in 2014.

Although millions of quality domain names are available right now, if the specific name you wanted most is not available for registration, it may be available through our Premium Name program. These premium names have been registered for sale by North Sound Names and sold through Some of our premium names also will be released through our Pioneers Program.