The path to launching a new extension.

Uni Naming & Registry (UNR) continues to launch new extensions. We are truly excited by the interest in our domain names, and we know that many of our current and future customers share this excitement. Many times, however, the excitement over new domains leads to disappointment, as registrants who have “pre-registered” their favorite new domain names fail to get the names they had requested.

To address this, we wanted to provide clarity around what “pre-registrations” can and cannot do for you as you look to acquire your new UNR domain name. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or “ICANN”, the non-profit company that has authorized UNR to offer domain names for registration, also has issued a caution on “pre-registrations” that you can read here:

First, the “pre-registration” of a new domain name is not a registry service offered by UNR. Instead, “pre-registrations” are offered by third-party registrars, under a variety of business models. None of these “pre-registration” services can guarantee that you will receive the right to register your domain name of choice.

Typically, a “pre-registration” is simply an offer to place you into the registration queue the moment a new registry opens for new registrations. If you have a pre-registration, you may be competing against other registrants who also have pre-registrations. The first registration to reach our registry system after the registration period opens will be given the domain name.

Second, some of the domain names that registrants seek at the opening of a new gTLD are reserved from registration. ICANN prohibits us from releasing certain domain names for sale. This prohibition includes some common words and all two-character domain names. Also, under the “Sunrise Period”, certain rights holders are eligible to register names prior to the opening of general registration. After the sunrise period concludes, we also reserve from registration certain premium names that we will make available for registration in the future.

We have provided lists of reserved domain names, in all these categories, to our registrars. While we have encouraged registrars to check availability against these reserved lists prior to accepting a “pre-registration,” not all registrars have chosen to conduct these availability checks. As a consequence, some registrars are taking “pre-registrations” for domain names that were never eligible for release.

Thank you for following the launch of the UNR top-level domains.