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Looking after registrants.

Our new extensions are here to let you find your best online identity so you can stand out from the crowd. A shorter, more relevant name means your visitors will have an easier time remembering where to find you online and with our niche extensions (like .audio), they’ll know what to expect.

With that in mind, we are excited to see our domain names in the hands of users who will enthusiastically develop and promote UNR’s domain names for a business, marketing, or individual website.

When we launched each of our extensions, we withheld from general registration some of the best premium domain names, for the users who would find us in the future. You’ll find these names at certain registrars participating in the Uniregistry Market and at

If the perfect name for your venture is one of our premiums names, we’re eager to hear about your idea. You’ll qualify as a pioneer if you plan to put the name into immediate use as a primary address for your goods, services or online content. If you love our extensions and want help finding the perfect name, we’re happy to help there too.

Please download our brief application form and submit your concept to us at

As a Uni Naming & Registry Pioneer, you will receive a quality name in your desired extension, at a reduced registration price, in exchange for your promise to: (1) place the name into active use as your website’s primary Internet identifier; (2) advertise and promote your website by sending traffic to your new UNR domain name, and (3) not sell the domain name to any third-party, except when incident to the sale of your business.

We look forward to seeing the ways you will use your shiny, new UNR domain name!