Uni Naming & Registry (UNR) is a technology and services company that independently owns and operates over 20+ new domain extensions, including .link, .help, .game, and .photo, on one of the most advanced and flexible registry backend platforms. UNR also provides registry services for a dozen other TLDs, including .inc, .yandex, and .ky. Founded by internet visionary Frank Schilling, UNR’s veteran team has more than 120 years of combined domain industry experience. Together, they service over 200 retail partners worldwide, including Network Solutions, GoDaddy, and CSC.


UNR’s registry services deliver reliable and consistent global distribution, local in-country solutions, policy and regulatory advice, and abuse mitigation services. 

Your TLD will enjoy bespoke implementation service, as well as accurate and actionable data. Our tools and teams allow you to make the most of your TLD  whilst protecting your TLD’s reputation with trusted, secure and stable services.

TLD Acquisition Services

UNR knows TLDs. While the TLD of your choice may not yet exist, we are here to assist you and support your application or acquisition. Whether you want to apply in the next ICANN round,  relaunch a TLD, or create your own .Brand, UNR has the experience and means to achieve your goals. 

ccTLDs Consultancy Services

UNR’s custom solutions for ccTLDs combine the strength of an industry-leading Registry backend – exceeding ICANN service levels requirements – and a team with years of experience working for and advising ccTLDs. We know intimately the complexity of ccTLDs and the specific requirements of local Internet communities. UNR provides knowledge and  experience in drafting regulations, policies, procedures and technical implementations, marketing and globalisation strategies.

Blocking Services

UNR’s innovative, patent-pending blocking technology allows Registries to keep their namespace protected from bad actors while remaining  accessible to trademark holders and their potential brand marketing purposes.

Abuse Management

With industry-leading monitoring technology that was built in-house, the UNR Anti-Abuse Team works alongside its Registrars to regularly monitor and mitigate abuse, maintaining TLD  safety and reputability. Building on years of experience fending security threats, UNR helps make the Internet safer. 

ICANN Compliance

Our Compliance team stays on top of evolving ICANN policies in real time so our clients and services are always up to date. .

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