Registry Policies

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Keeping it all in check

Domains don’t have to be complicated, but we like to make sure people abide by the rules. Please review our policies below.


    The SEPRP describes Uniregistry’s procedures to resolve challenges to names blocked thanks to our Uni EPS service, or registered during the Sunrise Registration period of our TLDs.

  • Sunrise Application Contention

    This policy describes Uniregistry’s procedures when two or more Sunrise Applications qualify for the same second-level domain name during a TLD’s Sunrise phase.

  • UNR_Use_Policy_and_Terms_of_Services_20201304

    This policy describes acceptable uses for all Uniregistry TLDs.

  • Extended Protection Service - Terms & Conditions of use

    This policy describes the terms & conditions under which trademark holders can use the Uniregistry’s Extended Protection Service to block their trademarks from being registered.

  • Pioneers Program Application

    Become a pioneer by developing an existing name into something wonderful. Apply within.