The backbone of the Internet

For hosting providers. For website builders. For developers.

Web hosting companies support the vast majority of websites and now there’s finally a space on the Internet to support them. For companies that provide web hosting services, .hosting is the best identifier for these backstage wizards who keep websites running smoothly.

When Internet users see .hosting, they know immediately that the company is a reliable source of support for their next online venture. .hosting is the universal space on the Internet to purchase, evaluate, and connect with the backbone of all web presences: hosting.

A .hosting domain is great for

  • Hosting providers
  • Reseller providers
  • Data centers
  • Website builders
  • Web developers
  • Registrars

Marketing phrases for .hosting

  • The backbone of the Internet
  • At your service
  • Ignite your site
  • The fuel behind your website
  • Click. Connect. Go Live.

.hosting premium domains—short, sweet, and to the point.