Go beyond common

The new name for leaders

As a new alternative for leaders, .mom is innovative yet familiar. It demonstrates expertise, guidance, and courage. With affordable prices, full availability, 3-characters, and a beloved sound since birth, everyone now has access to millions of short, eye-catching names for any online project. From influencers to mentors to specialists, let your customers know that .mom is the new domain name for anyone who leads the way.


A .mom domain is great for

  • Leaders
  • Mentors
  • Bloggers
  • Publications
  • Businesses
  • Moms

What makes .mom powerful?

There are 3.3 billion Internet users on the planet.

60% of the world population is not yet online.

There are millions of available .mom domain names.

Here’s why .mom is right for you


Find your best name

.com is crowded, but .mom is fresh on the market, offering hundreds of thousands of domain name options fit for you. With your .mom domain name, you have instant affiliation with a community built for leaders.


Short names are key

Newer generations prefer short names that are easier to type on touch devices. Shorter names are also more effective on marketing materials and in advertising campaigns.


Stand out from the crowd

Make a forward-thinking statement with your .mom URL. This opportunity is short-lived. It's your chance to claim a keyword-rich URL.


Transition or enhance your brand name

Migrate your existing website to your new .mom domain name. It's easy and won't affect your SEO.

The .mom market


.mom opportunities

Set up mom-focused marketing campaigns.

Create a shorter, keyword-rich URL.

Forward to social accounts.


What makes .mom powerful?

Moms are a $2.4 trillion market.

There are roughly 82.5 million moms in the U.S.

90% of U.S. moms are online.

.mom names waiting for you


Become a .mom brand ambassador

Do you have a premium idea that happens to reflect a premium priced name? Contact us at If you want to put your idea into action we want to work with you to find the perfect .mom name for your endeavor.