Make a stand for life

The digital red ribbon

Creating a .hiv domain name as an entrance to your website is a sign of solidarity with the fight against AIDS.

Like wearing a digital Red Ribbon, .hiv domain names provide an opportunity to show social responsibility by bringing awareness to the HIV movement. .hiv websites can offer content related to HIV treatments and services or forward to an already existing corporate or personal homepage. Join the .hiv community to combine a good cause with new online visibility.

Help with a .hiv name

  • Combine social responsibility with awareness on your site.
  • Support the global fight against HIV and AIDS.
  • Display your digital Red Ribbon to show your support.

.hiv and the stats

  • 37 million people are living with HIV.
  • 2.6 million are under the age of 15.
  • Every day about 5,600 people contract HIV.

.hiv for the HIV response.