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Support. Assist. Serve.

We can all use a helping hand every once in a while. The Internet is the go-to source whenever a question arises. Whether operating a new tool, navigating a software application, or dealing with life’s challenges, finding a reliable source for assistance can make all the difference. .help is the Internet’s support network.


A .help domain is great for

  • Charities
  • Counseling services
  • Customer support
  • Directories
  • Educators & mentors
  • Healthcare providers

What makes .help powerful?

Over 70 million Americans volunteer every year.

People come to the Internet for information and help.

There are over 1.8 million nonprofits in the U.S.

.help premium domains—short, sweet, and to the point.

Grab yourself a super memorable name, build trust, build brand recognition, and market like a pro.