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For creators. For gamers. For sports enthusiasts.

Games are one of the oldest forms of social interaction. From childhood, they allow us to interact, learn, play, and evolve, whether gaming solo or with a team. Video games combined with our other favorite ways to play—from sports leagues to chess clubs—.game is a community for the fun things in life.

In this digital age of PCs, consoles, and mobile devices, the game industry has surpassed all other forms of entertainment and shows no signs of slowing down. Video games, board games, sports, and games of chance combined account for more than $1 trillion in annual sales. Whether providing industry information, opinions, or an actual game, Internet visitors know that a .game website is all about making the world a more thrilling place.

A .game domain is great for

  • Video game creators & developers
  • Distributors & retailers
  • Gamers
  • App creators
  • Sports fans & athletes
  • Software companies
  • Board & card game creators

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