Be heard.

For producers. For engineers. For musicians.

Sound gives us essential information about our surroundings. It informs and affects our emotions and actions. We listen to stories, music, news, and other various forms of information and entertainment each day. For people who create and influence with sound and for those seeking anything sound-related, .audio is the place to be.

Sound creators and listeners alike will experience creative freedom with .audio. It’s for the musicians, engineers, and producers who craft it and the manufacturers and retailers who sell tools to support it. Visitors instantly know what a .audio website has to offer and will have an easier time remembering where to go when they come back for more.

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  • Audio equipment manufacturers & retailers
  • Sound engineers, designers, & editors
  • Music & sound producers
  • Musicians
  • Podcasters

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  • Where people go to listen
  • Find your frequency
  • Hear the music
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  • Master your domain name

.audio premium domains—short, sweet, and to the point.