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Beautifully engineered software, none of the fluff.

At, we make the art of domain management simple. What has traditionally been considered complicated or unnecessarily difficult becomes a breeze with our tools. A keen focus on usability, we get rid of add-ons, upsells, and anything that doesn’t save time. We have no surprises and what you see is what you get. Welcome to a new way of buying and managing names.

  • WHOIS privacy

    You shouldn't have to pay for privacy. With us, you don't. It's free and always will be.

  • Social media forwarding

    Not ready to create your own site? Easily redirect your domain name anywhere.

  • New TLDs

    It's the Not-Com revolution. A whole new world awaits with the new extensions. Snap up something great.

  • Google Apps

    Instantly get the right email for any domain name you own and manage it immediately through Gmail.

  • Tumblr ready

    Not ready to create your own site just yet? Quickly point your new name to your Tumblr blog.

  • DNS the way it should be

    Free DNS Servers and record templating all wrapped up in a nice clean UI.

  • Edit everything, easily

    From 1 domain to 10,000 domains, our tools are engineered to make common tasks quick.

  • Transfers

    Transfers shouldn't be complicated. With us, you're already an expert.

  • Resolution center

    If your transfers have issues, we'll notify you. We'll even give you the solution.

  • Support you can count on

    Some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry work for us. Rest assured you're in good hands.

  • Subdomains

    Quickly and easily add a subdomain with a tap of your trackpad.

  • Expiring tracker

    Monitor, track, and stay informed. You can keep up to date with as many names as you want.

  • Simple tools

    Why should your tool be complicated? Simplicity reins supreme with the Uniregistry Manager.

  • Complete transparency

    We don't hide things like auth codes from you. Click and you shall receive.

  • 1-click everything

    Auto-renew, lock, unlock, whois—wherever possible, a single click is all it takes.

  • Documents.Link

    Attach documents to your domains easily. Simply email them to your account and they will always be there for reference.