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This is how the domain space should be.

We’re a team of developers, designers, domainers, and industry veterans. We’re lucky to be led by a guy that lets us work the way we want. There’s no right or wrong answer, just the questions that drive us to deliver great products. If you genuinely care about the user and their experience then you might be what we’re after. We’re based primarily in the Cayman Islands with two additional offices in Newport Beach, CA and Los Angeles, CA. You’ll never work for a company quite like this.

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    Sales Makers

    Nothing happens in any organization without a sale. No truck moves, no product gets shipped, no building gets erected.. The economy and our very business is driven by sales. We have a need for great sales people in all areas of our company. Join us today and create your business inside our business by selling Uniregistry products and services to the World!

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    Software Developers

    We are looking for full-stack developers that are comfortable working at any level of web-development and have the initiative to see a project through from start to finish. Our technology is currently built on top of PHP, MySQL, and Javascript but we are looking for anyone who feels at the top of their game developing for web and mobile in any technology. If you fit the bill we will deliver you a lifetime opportunity to work on things that millions of people will use.

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    Marketing Guru

    We’re open to God, Rainmaker, Evangelist or whatever other title fits.. What we need is a creative, high energy person who can wrap their head around all our assorted products and offerings and who can help lead us to prosperity by positioning our products and working on creative with our Director of Products, art department and CEO to make Uniregistry a house-hold name. Our goal is to let the World know about Uniregistry and all its great products. We want to see people using us to register names and make websites and get online. You are going to help the World know about us.

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    Front End Developers

    Someone with a keen sense of aesthetics and human behavior is who we're looking for. This person can also turn sketches and ideas into web reality. The right individual needs to understand the consequences of their choice in code and execution. Not just nice looking pages but the ability to turn designs into functioning websites. HTML, CSS, and Javascript will be your primary tools. All our offices are world-class and right across from the beach. Work with people like you and love what you do.