Welcome to the Cayman Islands and Uniregistry World Headquarters

This is what our morning commute looks like.

Software Developers

We are looking for full-stack developers that are comfortable working at any level of web-development and have the initiative to see a project through from start to finish. Our technology is currently built on top of PHP, MySQL, and Javascript but we are looking for anyone who feels at the top of their game developing for web and mobile in any technology. If you fit the bill we will fly you here, interview you confidentially and deliver you a lifetime opportunity to work on things that millions of people a day will use.

Systems Specialist

A successful technology company doesn't exist without a robust and scalable foundation. Do you have what it takes to build infrastructure to handle millions of visitors a day? Then we are looking for you. Candidates should have multiple years experience managing Linux based systems, popular opensource databases, as well as have a sound understanding of networking and the services that operate over them. Being well versed in systems automation, virtualization, and mass hosting are assests as well. Big things lie ahead for the fortunate candidate who chooses the red pill.

Front-end Developers

Someone with a keen sense of aesthetics and human behavior. Can turn sketches and ideas into web reality. The right individual needs to understand the consequences of their choice in code and execution. Not just nice looking pages but the ability to turn designs into a functioning Websites. HTML, CSS, Javascript, will be your primary tools. Our facility in Cayman is world-class and right across from the beach. Swim to work and shower here. Work with people like you and live tax-free.

Marketing People

Help us find the right programmer/developers in your organization and join them here in Cayman as we grow our existing registry operations business. We will need to promote the new namespaces we're charged with operating. We are going to have all kinds of fun doing that, but first we need to finish the critical infrastructure we've started. We need a great team for that and we want you to be a part of it.

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