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For performance. For direction. For speed.

A car is iconic. It symbolizes freedom of movement, adventure, and opportunity. Each car tells its own story and brings you along for the ride. Whether in a car or online, there’s nothing more liberating than knowing you’re free to go anywhere you want, whenever you want.

When 83% of car shoppers conduct online searches before a purchase, .car drives customers to a reliable showroom. For car dealers, enthusiasts, repair shops, retailers, and engineers, a strong online presence is important to business success. As the digital world continues to play a larger role leading to car purchases, information, or services, .car lets visitors know that your website is bringing them one step closer to another great ride.

*Offered through Uni Naming & Registry, Corp. by Cars Registry Limited.

A .car domain is great for

  • Car lovers
  • Dealerships
  • Drivers
  • Mechanics
  • Engineers & designers
  • Manufacturers

Marketing phrases for .car

  • Find your path
  • Start a journey
  • Fulfill your need for speed
  • Be sleek. Be seen.
  • Create traffic
  • The best road trip on the web

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