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Find your perfect .game domain name today

The right name for your new game

Launched July 2016, join hundreds of gaming companies that have already registered thousands of .game names for their websites, email, and marketing campaigns. .game is the word that immediately identifies what you offer to your players and customers. Register your .game now.


Who is .game for?

  • Software companies
  • Distributors & retailers
  • Videogame creators
  • Videogame developers
  • App creators
  • Sports fans & athletes
  • Board game creators
  • Card game creators

What makes .game powerful?

155 million Americans play video games.

U.S. consumers spent over $22 billion on games in 2014.

Games are a great way to develop skills and super powers.

A small sample of .game in action

The .game extension is used in both gaming and non-gaming verticals, for example, the new first person thriller, the hugely popular RPG, and non-gaming sites such as


Stand out from the crowd

Establish yourself as an industry leader with .game. This opportunity is short-lived. Now is your chance to claim a keyword-rich URL for your brand.


Transition or enhance your brand

Migrate your existing website to a new .game domain name or use a .game to enhance your online marketing. You can drive traffic to a short, simple, game-related URL.


Find your best name

.com is crowded, but .game is new on the market, offering more domain name options. With .game, you have instant affiliation with the gaming industry.


Short names are key

People prefer short names that are easier to type on touch devices. Shorter names are also more effective on marketing materials and in advertising campaigns.